The Love Foundation

Medix is very proud to support and collaborate with the Love Foundation, a leading non-profit that focuses on providing care, education and growth opportunities for children in rural areas in China. Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, the Love Foundation initiated the “Walk with Love Against Coronavirus Action” and has already provided the following donation and support to different hospitals and communities in Hubei province.

Some examples of recent activities include:

  • Donating 130 sets of Positive Pressure Respirator and parts to different hospitals in Hubei province and Wuhan specifically to protect the health of frontline doctors and nurses.
  • Donated over 110,000 surgical masks from overseas to be distributed to different hospitals and underprivileged families and communities.
  • Distributed more than 4,000 kg sanitizer, heaters, hygiene products and more to underprivileged families in rural regions of Hubei.

To Donate

*A tax exempt charitable organisation under section 88 of the HK Inland Revenue Ordinance